About me

Adina Potop is an abstract artist living and painting out of her home studio in Romania.

Adina has always been captivated by art making – as a child, she spent most of her time writing stories or drawing. Paper and colors have played an important role in her life all along.

Adina Potop
Adina Potop

Adina’s abstract paintings are a blend of deliberately planned brush strokes and intuitive movements, encapsulating her feelings and fascination for cryptic, almost strange kind of beauty.

„I grew up with an artistic sense. All my life I’ve tried to express that, but I could not seem to find the right way to do it. Becoming a mother somehow drew me to painting and I could not drop the brush off my hand ever since.

My art is a colored translation of my emotions and states of mind onto the canvas. 

When painting, I’m so vividly living the magic that is born onto the canvas, that I cannot picture my life without it any longer.”